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What People Are Saying...

Hi I am from Italy. I like this place. I think many people will like this place. The lady, the owner lady works hard and fast, pretty good for a older person. She reminds me of my grandma, very nice lady.

"To a prospective traveler I want to tell you how much my family and I have enjoyed our stay at Island Paradise Inn. It is a quaint vacation spot. Pahoa village reminds me of my childhood town. It is very local and friendly. The owner "Ophelia" really impressed us. She loves children and ours took to her right off. She goes out of her way to meet our needs. We stayed in the Orchid suite. It was lovely. On 2 occasions during our 10 day stay the restaurant/bar played music until about 11:00 but it wasn't too bad. Our suite was clean and well maintained. Fully furnished with everything we needed, Traveling with a family of 4 we're on a budget, the prices for her suites can't be beat. We will tell all our friends about this, Hawaii's best kept secret."

- Bradleys, Iowa

"Aloha friends, We are 3 travelers and want to say thank you on this card to the people that make this place so beautiful. We stay in many hotels in the world but we feel this one is special because the love we feel from the workers. We feel special and make us comfortable. We visit from France to this Island and find this place on accident. We visit many fancy hotels but this one is good for us because it is like family. We can tell our friends now where to come when they also come to Hawaii. Thank You very much"

- Franchesca and Roberto

"My husband and I are so glad for this opportunity to share, how happy we are with our visit to this Island. Staying at the Island Paradise Inn has been great. Some of our friends stayed here for a family reunion. They recommended it and we are so glad they did. Our suite was $49.50 per nite. We stayed in the anthirium suite. When the lady told us how much it cost we thought it was a junkie old place but probably very down to earth local style. It was rather nice. Very clean and looks like she pays attention to details. I'm sure we will be back."

- Cheryl and Brandon

"This our 4th time staying at Island Paradise Inn, My husband works in the Puna district and sometimes my baby and I get to stay with him from Kona. It feels like it is home away from home already. Ophelia is a real sweetheart. Always trying to make sure we are comfortable and gets extra things for us that we need. Last time I wanted a coffee grinder she got it and this time I wanted a blender for my smoothie ( fresh fruits and veggies from the farmers market) she found me one. I think it was from her house, But see what I mean! On top of it the prices for the suites are real reasonable and these are nice suites. I am really immpressed."

- Kainoa and family

"Ok this is going to sound dumb, but they had this comment card and I had to tell the reader. We are from the east, there are 4 of us traveling together, We have been telling all our friends back home that they have to stay at this vacation rental when they visit Hawaii. There are about 15 or more suites here, The lady is delightful, I told here I really liked the little ceramic bear in the bathroom, it reminded me of my daughter she collects bears, she reached over and gave it to me, I kept trying to pay for it but she wouldn't let me. We have really enjoyed being here. It is very convenient, It is right by 711 and surrounded by restaurants, with the laundry mat across the street. We have loved the Champane ponds and the hot ponds and my husband went snorkeling at I think it is Kapoho beach. We stayed in the Pikaki suite here at the Inn. We stayed for 5 days and it cost us about $350 for all four of us for 5 days. We travel alot and believe I can speak for all of us, we felt this was probably the best buy in hotel type stay we have ever stayed in. Thank You Ophelia and staff at Island Paradise Inn, keep up the good work."

- George and Tania / Baffel and Tshana

"We are visiting from Italy. We very glad to meet you nice people. Our house is nice and we fell in love with this little Hawaii village."

- Malina and Gregory

We are staying in the Blue dolphin suite. It gets alittle noisy at night because of the delivery trucks, We were here for 2 weeks. We will be leaving tommorrow. After the 2nd nite we got used to the delivery trucks. It has really been a joy. We love our suite and this place as a whole. It has been a wonderful visit and don't want to go back home (wisconson). We bought a piece of land and hope to come back in afew years and build on it. We will make sure we can stay with you again on our next trip. We heard about this place thru our friends who stayed at your place for one month in 2004 they loved it and we did too. Thank You, see you again.

- Barkers, Wisconsin